Technology savvy geeks from all around the world love to upgrade their gadgets on a regular basis to enjoy the latest features. Newer smartphones are nowadays launching at a rapid rate, as well as going out of the market at an equal speed. As per the current statistics, more than 1500 million smartphones are being sold all over the world. Compared to the sales of these devices in the year of 2007-2008, when around 150 million smartphones were only sold, we can easily deduce that the sales for these electronic gadgets have been rising at a massive rate. The craze for latest gadgets with upgradation of new features can never end whereas it will only rise in the near future.

When talking about latest technology upgrades, Google has recently launched the latest version of android naming it Android Nougat. Compared to Android Marshmallow, Android Nougat is much more advanced. Let us go through some of the features of Android Nougat.

Supporting Multiple Windows

This is the latest feature which will make most Nougat users happy. Previously we could view only one app on the screen at a time. In this latest update, two apps can simultaneously run on the screen at a single time. This is of great help to users who love to multi-task. Now you can check your emails as well as watch movies at the same time. The split screen mode works in portrait as well as in landscape. In the portrait mode, the screens can be resized as per your choice but when you use the landscape mode, both the screens are fixed at 1:1 ratio and you cannot resize it.

Drag and Drop Feature in Split Screen Mode

Another exciting feature added in the latest update is the drag and drop feature when working in split screen mode. When working with two apps using split screen, you can drag and drop texts or images from one screen to another with ease. This feature is helpful when you are texting with two people on different messaging apps. You may want to send images or quotes on greetings to both of them. So just write a text in one app, select the text, then drag it to the second window. The text will be present in both the windows. It’s that simple!

Doze Mode Feature

Doze mode is a great feature when you are planning to save the battery life of your phone. This feature was added in the Marshmallow update to help in reducing battery drainage. You don’t have to do anything to use the doze mode as it automatically springs into action whenever your phone is idle. With the latest Nougat update, the doze mode works even when the phone is in motion. Therefore, whenever you are travelling to long distances, you can easily expect that your battery drainage will be minimal.

Advanced Number Blocking Feature

Now you can easily block callers whom you don’t know or want to avoid. The number blocking feature on Android Nougat also helps in blocking messages and texts from the selected number, and therefore, helping you from getting harassed by the users whom you want to avoid.

File-Based Encryption System

Android Marshmallow is a full-disk encryption operating system which is now upgraded to Android 7 (Nougat) with file-based encryption system. This is of great help, as previously the full system along with all the apps and data was protected through a single encryption key. But now, each and every file can be encrypted with a separate key or password. In this way, you can prevent other users from viewing the apps or personal data that you don’t want to show, without locking your phone.

App Shortcut Feature

App shortcut is a great feature included in Android Nougat that displays the tasks that the app can perform without opening the application. You just have to press the app icon longer to view the tasks performed by the app. For example, the camera app can take pictures, selfies as well as videos. In the smartphones with Nougat, you don’t have to open the camera app and then select the type of action you want. You just need to press the camera app a little longer and then the options will automatically show in the screen as to whether you want to take a video or click a selfie.

Android Nougat update has been made a lot more user-friendly with the addition of these amazing features as well as other features which we haven’t discussed yet. Therefore, if your smartphone supports the latest android update, do upgrade your software as soon as possible. But there are many phones which may not support the latest version. If you have old smartphones that do not support the updates, you can easily sell your phone or recycle through recycling centers, and opt for new and upgraded smartphones with such amazing features.

Author Bio: John Tiropanis is a technology blogger who shares information about technology and mobile phone related news. Here he discusses about some of the interesting features of Android Nougat.

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