if you want to change the look of your bedroom or any other room in your house, a sun and moon tapestry can do the trick without much effort and give the whole room a new feel.

A simple search online will lead you to thousands of possibilities in shape, colors, and effects but choosing the right one might be trickier. As with all tapestry wall hangings, there are some rules you should follow.

Check the size first

It’s so disappointing when you found the perfect combination of colors and style but you realize it doesn’t fit your room! To avoid this, you need to figure out what size a tapestry you want and for that, you can use the golden ratio rule. This means that all other pieces of wall hangings need to be proportionate to the biggest one if they are united. This rule also states that its length should be 1.6 times its width.

Also, you need to figure out if you want the tapestry to cover the whole wall or just part of it. But if you don’t go for the whole wall remember that if it’s too small it will most likely have no impact.

Match the colors

The next thing you need is to make sure the combination of colors matches your room décor. Your celestial tapestry should complement the color scheme that already exists in a nice, pleasant way.

Consider the location

If you plan to use the sun and moon tapestry in your bedroom you can do pretty much what you like as not many people will see it. But if you want it for your living room you need to put more effort not only into figuring out what works best but also in finding that perfect one. It’s generally a good idea to use more formal tapestry in the living room.

You can buy your moon or sun tapestry online as you can find many models or you can even pick an image you like and have it printed at one of the canvas printing shops. But once you have your wall tapestry, you need to make sure you have the right people installing it so it’s properly arranged and has just the right amount of attention.

A sun and moon tapestry is a great way to give your room a new look and feel. The right size, colors, and design can give the perfect finishing touch your room needs with the benefit of being easily replaceable and removable.

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