Choosing decorations for a summer wedding is something most couples enjoy doing. Depending on what the theme of your wedding is, you’ll want decorations that complement it.

The decorations you choose should depend on whether your wedding will be indoors, outdoors or a combination of both. Certain items like wedding sparklers are usually reserved for outdoor use, while many others will work for either scenario. One idea for decorating your tables is to purchase clear glass or plastic serving bowls, fill them with water and put floating candles in each bowl. You can even use food coloring to dye the water to match your wedding color.

To decorate for an outdoor wedding reception that stretches into the night you can string lights in trees, bushes or along the top and sides of your wedding tent. Depending on your theme you can choose lights that match it, or to keep the lighting neutral simply string up white lights. For a daytime wedding when you don’t need lights you can string up garlands made from starfish, seashells or even paper lanterns. The lanterns can serve as decoration without being lit, giving you lanterns you can take home and use after the wedding.

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For a Hawaiian themed wedding you have many appropriate decorations to choose from. This includes Tiki torches to light up the night sky and grass skirts made to line the edges of your gift table, cake table, etc.

Summertime weddings can also include local fruits and vegetables that can not only be used in the meals served but used as part of the décor as well. A tropical themed wedding calls for pineapples and coconuts to be used as décor. A beach themed wedding calls for fruits such as watermelons, which can also be turned into a unique keg to serve from at the wedding reception.

In your efforts to decorate for your wedding reception, don’t forget to address the ceremony itself as well. Decorating your wedding aisle is an important aspect of planning for your wedding regardless of if it is being held indoors or outdoors. When you are strapped for cash you can get more for your money if you use something such as potted flowers to decorate your aisle for the ceremony and serve as centerpieces later on. For an outdoor ceremony, if the venue allows it, you can glue decorations to bamboo skewers and insert them in the ground that surrounds your aisle.

If you choose to have an arch at the end of the aisle, it can and should be part of the décor. Arches made using balloons are often a popular choice because you can customize them to match your wedding color. Some couples decide to do something more extravagant like attaching sparklers designed just for weddings to the arch and lighting them with a remote ignition system. For a fancier arch lace can be used to make it more romantic.

When your guests arrive for your wedding ceremony you want them to know what awaits them. Depending on your theme an appropriate piece of décor should be placed at the entrance to the building or outdoor area where the ceremony will be held. This will help get your guests excited about being there for you.

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