British people are best known for their love of tea and the Royal Family, but what do Brits actually do with their free time?

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The EU’s Statistical Office has released a survey that categorises how British people spend their free time. The survey found that British people love to read, garden, go out for food, go to the cinema and listen to the radio, but that isn’t all.

Here are the three most common ways that British people spend their free time.

Watching television

Are you surprised to find out that watching television is the most common way that British people spend their free time? The survey found that British people spend around 45% of their free time watching television, which sounds like a lot! The average TV viewing time for each person is around 25 hours a week, and nearly every household in the UK has a television.
In fact, it may be even more than you expected. According to The Daily Mail the average British person spends around a decade of their life watching television.

But what exactly are British people watching? They love shows about animals, wildlife, holidays, gardening and cooking, and they also enjoy reality TV and scripted shows such as Downton Abbey and Game Of Thrones.

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Sport and exercise

The third most popular hobby for British people is sport, with British people spending between 22% and 23% of their spare time on sports and exercise. This isn’t too surprising as the British government encourages people to exercise by installing public swimming pools, parks, tennis courts and other exercise areas. Many people in Britain also pay for a gym membership so that they can work out inside every week.

Lots of people in Britain are also part of a recreational sports team, such as football team who meet up once a week to play together.

Socialising with others

The second most popular activity in Britain is socialising, with British people spending around 24% of their free time socialising with other people. British people love to visit their friends and relatives, even if it is just for a few hours.

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