Cleanliness is next to godliness’ is a proverb that we have been listening to since our days of schooling. If you own a vacuum cleaner, cleaning the house is no more a tedious, monotonous, or never-ending chore. Vacuum cleaners make it easy, fast and convenient to clean the house. Seeing the impact the vacuum cleaners have had on the lives of people by making their daily tasks of cleaning so much easier, these machines have been undergoing quite a significant transformation since a long time.

When you talk about vacuum cleaners, India, Singapore, the US, UK or any other country for that matter, has seen a great increase in demand over past couple of years. This is not surprising, considering the kind of cleaning tasks this small wonder machine does. With new ideas and innovations, they are gradually becoming more user-friendly as well as efficient. Gone are those days when the only vacuum cleaners that were available were those with huge canisters that collected the dust. So, if you are looking forward to buying a vacuum cleaner for yourself, make sure that you buy one that comprises of all these innovative features.

Here are the top 6 innovative features that have been included in the new vacuum cleaners:

  1. A Retractable Power Cord – This innovation is not very big, but it is significant. The cords are usually quite long when compared to the cords of other appliances and devices. In such cases, if the power cord gets looped around some object or any hooked post, it is very inconvenient to unwind the chord. Thus, it is advisable to buy a vacuum cleaner that has a retractable power cord so that with one click of the button, the cord rolls up itself.
  2. A Long Power Cord– With newer models of vacuum cleaners, the length of the power cord has increased. This is done so that you can freely move the vacuum cleaner wherever required without having to worry about the switch outlet in which you should put the power cord. Initially, the length of the cord was 20 feet, but in newer models of the vacuum cleaner, the length of the cord is 30 feet.
  3. No Requirement for Bags– In order to make the vacuum cleaners much lighter, bag less vacuum cleaners have become prominent. Even the power of suction in the latest vacuum cleaners have been increased and enhanced as compared to before. The only con in case of the bag less technology is that the filter that contains all the dirt and dust has to be replaced manually from time to time as there is no bag to collect it.
  4. HEPA Filtration– HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate matter. With new vacuum cleaners, the filtration process has also been improved from time to time. It started with filtration that used water. Then it moved on to electrostatic precipitation and now we have the best possible HEPA filtration system that makes sure that there is no problem because of dust.
  5. Strong Suction Force– Ensure that the vacuum cleaner you buy has a powerful motor with strong suction force. This can help with getting rid of debris and dirt from hard floors and carpet corners, resulting in dust-free and spotless environment.
  6. Cyclonic Technology– The cyclonic technology for vacuum cleaning is really very efficient and it makes sure that the desired results are obtained from it. It creates a quick-spinning vortex to suck away dust from its surroundings.

Ensure that these handy features are a part of the vacuum cleaner you buy so as to make your cleaning task much easier.

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