Many people understand that termites pose a major risk to both residential and commercial properties. For those who are unaware, termites are insects that can destroy a home or a commercial structure. Termites feed off of wood and can quickly erode at walls, floors, ceilings, and foundations. This can compromise the integrity of a structure and quickly cause it to collapse. The San Jose termite exterminator suggests some signs that everyone should watch out for when looking for a termite infestation.

Check the Wood Pile Near the Building

Many homes have a pile of wood in the back yard that some might use for firewood. This is often the first place that a termite infestation starts as termites move from the surrounding area towards the property. Walk towards the wood pile and look for places where the wood might appear uneven. This could be where the termites have eaten away at the wood. Try shining a light into the pile. If there are small insects scattering, this could be the termites fleeing from the light.Image result for Signs of a Termite Infestation

Look for Runs Near the House

Because termites don’t like the light, they will frequently burrow underground towards the home or commercial structure. This creates small mounds in the dirt where the termites have been burrowing. If the tracks run towards the house, there might be termites in the structure. Try poking at the runs to see if termites appear. If termites start flowing from the run, it might be time to call a San Jose termite exterminator.

Listen for Hollow Sounds in the Wall

As the termites eat away at the wall, they tend to start with the insides of the wood and work their way outwards. Eating away at the inside of the building can create a hollow sound in the wall. Try banging on the walls, floors, and ceilings and listen for a change in the sound. If the sound suddenly changes at a point in the wall, this could mean that the termites have eaten away at the inside. 

Poke Away at the Wall at the Hollow Sound

If people are looking for confirmation that termites are present, they can actually bang a small hole in the wall. The sudden appearance of light I’ll send termites scattering. If termite start falling out from the wall where the holes are present, this is confirmation of a termite the station. It might be time to look for professional help.

if people suspect that a termite infestation might be present, try calling a San Jose a termite exterminator. Termite infestations can cause severe damage to the structure and integrity of a building. This can create a significant amount of personal and financial stress on the owners. Look for the signs discussed above. 


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