As with most things, each state has different requirements for security guard training. It is very important for people that choose to be security guards to have a good grasp on their responsibilities. A well-trained security guard can be life or death in some cases.

Security guard training across the USA varies. Every state has 4 basic requirements but varies on the specifics. No matter where you are located security guards must be 18 years or older. No state allows minors to work as security guards. The next requirement is that security guards cannot have violent felony convictions. Some states differ on what is and is not allowed on a person’s record but unanimously all states do not allow violent felony convictions.

Security guards must have a high school diploma or GED. Again, this is unanimous among the states completing secondary educations is important. Lastly, all states require that security guards be in sound mind and body. Each state uses its discretion to define what sound mind and body means, this is where we see a difference in requirements for security guards.

Security guard training in some states is as simple as passing a background check. Some states require that security guards apply for clearance and part of the application is a background check. This is true for many states like Iowa and Florida.

Security guard training in states like Louisiana and Indiana is not required. In both these states, they require that the company that employs the guards be trained. The employer is responsible for training the guards.

Most commonly, security guard training consists of a course for security guards. This training could consist of 8-48 hours of training depending on the state. In those hours, that security guard is usually given an exam that they must pass. Alaska and California have some of the strictest laws requiring guards to have 40 plus hours of in class and on the job training.

There are also different types of security guard training. Depending on the type of work the security guard will be doing they may require a more intensive training. Different types of training would include dog patrol, residential security, or commercial security. Each of these trainings require different skills for the security guard. Residential guards will not need to know how to do personal guarding which involves being in close contact with the person they are protecting. Likewise, corporate guards are even more removed and must focus on how to protect assets, not just people.

Security guard training is important for the safety of everyone. No matter the state or the type of guard having a well-trained security guard is very important. It is a good idea to know the requirements in your state for security guard training.

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