Being on a long flight feels like you are in limbo. Trying to catch come sleep can also be impossible sometimes. A long flight does not always have to mean suffering for hours and hours. There are some tricks that you can use to turn the flight into an enjoyable trip. You can always find a silver lining even in the worst situations. Below is a list of things that you can do to make your flight more enjoyable.

Wearing comfortable cloths
What you wear will determine how comfortable you will be. With that said the best way to pass your time on a long flight is to sleep. To get some sleep you should make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes that are as close to pajamas. This could be a loose fitting shirt, tennis shoes and a hoodie. You want to avoid any clothes that are too tight that make you feel restrained.

Escape the noise
On a long flight having some noise canceling headphones can be the best thing you can carry. After you are allowed to operate your electronic devices you can switch on your headset and start enjoying some relaxing music and avoid all the noise. The disturbances in the plane will come from the engine and having too many people confined in the same space. If you do not have some noise canceling headphones, earplugs will work just fine.

Keep hydrated
On a flight it is important that you keep drinking water. You should stay away from alcohol and other caffeinated drinks since they will impair your sleep. Remember sleep is the best way to pass your time on the long flight. These drinks also keep your body dehydrated you while your body needs the opposite. You can opt to carry an empty water bottle and have the flight attendant refill it with water.

Reserve a good seat
Even in the same class there are some seats that are superior to others depending on your preferences. You can get an exit row seat so that you get some more leg room. You can also choose a window seat so you can rest your head against the wall as you sleep. If you like walking around the plane you should consider an aisle seat so you do not keep disturbing other passengers when you want to move around.

Move around
On a long flight such as those flights to hongkong you should try and move around as much as possible. Due to poor circulation, your body might start aching. There are also some exercises that you can do while still on your seat such as circling ankles and stretching arms. Midflight you can also stroll down the aisle several times.

Just because you are confined in a plane for many hours, does not mean you have to have a terrible time. Use the above tips to help you during the long flights.

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