On many online blogs and forums, the debate rages on as to whether scooters pollute more than cars. While there is yet to be a consensus on the subject, this article will seek to cast some sun on this topic and if you’re team pro scooter read on and get all sorts of useful ammo next time you’re confronted as to why you insist on scooting around town on one of those that supposedly emit such harmful smog.

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What Type of Engine is Better Plus Alternatives

It is well known that the older 2-stroke engines emit more carbon gas pollutants like carbon monoxide than the newer 4-stroke engines. A quick mention would be the Progo propane powered scooter which runs on a four stroke engine. That quickly dispatches the carbon emission problem because propane gas is virtually zero emission alternative fuel.

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All that packaged in a 4-stroke engine and you have all points covered. The Progo 3000 combines the easy portability and handling of the kick push scooters of the early nineties with the motor functionalities of the recent four stroke models. Find out more about it at propanescooters.com.

Many four stroke engines come with a catalytic converter as with cars. What this will do is that it will convert the oxygen starved exhaust fumes into the less harmless carbon dioxide. Plants take in carbon dioxide in quantifiable amounts and in turn convert it into breathable air O2. In essence, this scooter may be doing more good for the environment than harm.

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The tricky bit is that that’s not all there is to it, another known harmful pollutant is nitrogenous NO2 that is emitted by older four stroke and two stroke models. This just poses the question of maybe discarding the older two strokes which give off more greenhouse emissions in favor of the propane and 4 stroke scooters.

On the same note, diesel pollutes more than gas, and typical scooters use just gas. Remember the Volkswagen emissions scandal? There wouldn’t be something like that in the world of scooters.

Cars Offer Other Perks But Aren’t Environmentally Friendly

We all agree that cars offer more in terms of space for passengers on board and longer distances and the boast of outliving some of their owners if it is built right. But the cost of purchasing let alone manufacture a scooter should definitely get you going that direction. Many units of four-stroke will cost you a homely figure of $3550-4000.

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Cars also come with a host of other accessories to further accelerate it up the ladder of being an environmental no-no. Some of these are engine coolants, petroleum-based lubricants, and battery acid. The sheer amount of non-recyclable plastic waste that this alone produces can’t be any better on the environment than motor vehicle exhaust.

Scooters need no coolants because the engine barely overheats. The basic premise of this vehicle is just stand up scooter mounted with a 25cc propane engine, with enough leg room to support an adult male aged 19-29. If we stayed on the engine of many conventional scooters we’ll see that oil is now added to the gas to retain much of the harmful substances that get released into the atmosphere.

Another measure that is is proving quite effective is getting more air injected into the tank together with the fuel as it burns; this way the carbon molecules bond more with the oxygen molecules jetting into the tank, thus releasing less harmless emissions. This considered motor vehicle enthusiasts are afforded more comfort, less damage in case of accidents and more miles per hour.

Why Do People Choose Cars Over Scooters

Upon closer scrutiny, the scooter is less likely to be in a pileup, with ease in maneuverability and being able to sandwich between bumpers in slow traffic, also not forgetting our trusty helmet, which should be more than enough to keep your head protected in case of an incident. Many four strokes and the propane-powered model come fitted with a disc brake (to prevent head-on collisions) which is surprising in the latter sample because the bike has all the trappings of standard kick push.

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People seem to be choosing a car over scooters for safety, space, power and convenience – at the cost of their own time (spent in traffic). Car pollution is definitely more powerful than scooter pollution, and one reason for that is not only the engine but the number of cars on the road. If you want to have a small impact on the environment, remember that propane can offer life cycle greenhouse emissions benefits over conventional fuels.

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