If you are walking or driving down the road, you can see so many advertisement banners which are offering cash for gold. In fact, nowadays, companies or agencies are advertising through online websites, media, television and many more to give cash on gold. You may not trust all of them and hesitate a little bit while seeing such signs but most of them are trustworthy big brands who are trying to recycle the old or unwanted gold jewellery. They are mainly doing this in order to make new jewellery out of the older gold jewellery which is mainly not in use today. You can visit a jewellery store that will be able to offer you cash on gold instead of any new piece of jewellery, it will be then good for you too. Some of them may also take old gold from you which you want to sell and check out the value of that gold and put the price of the gold to the new item which you are trying to purchase.

Like any other kind of business,  here also there are so many people who want to make a quick buck at your expenses. Beware of any small kind of street shop in the road side who want to give you cash for gold jewellery. Wherever you want to exchange or sell gold jewellery, be sure that they will offer you the cash on spot. If they are taking your gold to another location and then come back and offer you cash, then there might be any scam. Since you don’t know the person, so it may happen that they will run away after taking your gold jewellery and never return back to give you your cash money. Road side street jewellery exchanger don’t have any permanent business license or they are not a registered company, so you will not able to catch them as you don’t have their name or number.3

Another wrong way to sell gold jewellery is to put your gold jewellery in the mail and sending it to the jewellery company about which you don’t know anything or you never spoken with. It can create lots of problems not only with the jewellery company to whom you are sending but also it would be a major problem that whether or not they will receive the package. The delivery company may insure  the package but if the value of your gold jewellery is larger than the insurance of the company, then your luck may not be with you and it could be their lucky day.

So, research on the value of your gold to ensure that you can get the accurate amount of cash for your gold jewellery. If you want to get into this business, then it is better to understand about it like other business transaction and have a good knowledge about what is going on. Else, if you are going to sell gold jewellery and want to get cash for gold, then you also need to research on this and then go ahead.


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