Manuka honey is an amazing superfood with multiple health benefits. It is a special type of honey which is only produced in New Zealand. The interest fact about this product is that it is created by bees who pollinate the manuka bush and then extract the nectar from the flowers in order to create honey. As a result of which, this type of honey is different from the regular honey you get in the market. However, the usage of the honey is almost the same that is helps in sweetening the food or drinks, etc.

This honey has a strong flavor, characterised an earthy, oily and herbaceous, florid, rich and complex. It is described as having a damp earth, heather, aromatic aroma and a mineral with slightly bitter flavor. There are many health benefits of this honey so let us see some of the main benefits:

Health Benefits

  • Helps in healing cult and scrapes
  • Clears infections
  • Eases stomach aches
  • Improves digestion
  • Boosts immune system
  • Provides energy.

With all the above benefits, there is no doubt that a regular intake of this honey as a supplement is also common among the people. If you have not yet tried it, you can start it from today! However, before that, you must also know a little about UMF. haven’t heard about it? Read more.

Unique Manuka Factor or UMF

UMF is used to measure the quality of this special honey. It is measured keeping into account the amount or concentration of MG and other compounds present in the honey. For medical purposes, the honey should have a UMF ranging from 5 to 10. However, the UMF can be above 10 as well and is sold as UMF Manuka Honey or Active Manuka Honey Comvita. There is another type of rating as well named as MGO. This rating is the Methyglyoxal rating which is another compound that the honey contains. The rating is measured from 83 in a UMF 5+ and up to 829 for UMF 20+.

Comvita Manuka Honey Australia

Comvita is one of the best Manuka Honey providers in the world. The company conforms to UMF standards and their honey is made from the manuka plant in New Zealand. The honey is sourced from a pollution-free forest which is in the remote areas to keep it clean and also to fetch additional benefits. If you have to maintain a good digestive system, you should go for Comvita. It is also beneficial for the respiratory system and helps in speedy recovery from cold and cough. Each of the honey bottle dispatched from Comvita is analyzed properly to make sure that the quality, purity and UMF authenticity by the UMF Honey Association. Here are the special benefits of this product:


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