Everyone goes on a vacation to enjoy the beach or go shopping or sightseeing or participate in adventurous activities. How about going on a tour to New Orleans haunted sites? The thought of gathering under a streetlamp at twilight to meet your costumed guide [basically a stranger] itself stands chills and thrills. There is no need to be a phantom or ghost fan to take pleasure in a ghost tour.

Reasons to book your next ghost tour

Not at all creepy

Ghost tours are versatile. It is nothing about scandal, murder or scaring people. New Orleans is the oldest city with tons of ghost stories. It even suffers from epidemics and natural disaster along with violent episode history. Local people still observe different lengthy rituals for the dead.

You obtain hands-on experience

If you desire to do some unusual activity then spend an evening at the French Quarter. The street is lit with gas lamp flames flickering. It makes you feel like shadowy figures lurking and disappearing around each street corner.

It will feel like a horror movie of the 1800s. You can spend spooky evening traipsing along the freaky trails of French Quarters behind a guide telling the dark secrets. Guides will point the most chilling spot i.e. Richard Simmons childhood home. A one-hour tour in these dimly lit streets and listening to creepy tales may give you a personal paranormal experience.

Get a new perception of New Orleans

Majority of New Orleans ghost tours need walking around for a couple of hours. You will be slowly moving from haunted mansions and spooky hotels to shop with Voodoo Priestess, Vampires and Witches. At Hotel Monteleone, you can spend night with ghosts. You will explore the city in a different way, after twilight. At the Hotel Monteleone, you will learn about the ghost named Maurice, who still roams around in the halls searching for his dead parents.

Feel the spooky creeps and chills while in New Orleans!

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