A green lawn that does not require too much maintenance is what most residential owners and businesses desire as the prefect ground cover especially those in hot and dry environment. This is the reason why they are always looking for service providers who offer buffalo grass for sale at reasonable prices. This type of grass originates from the Great Plains in the region between Mexico in Latin America and Montana in the United States. It got its name because previously this type of vegetation was the staple diet for thousands of buffalo herds that would roam the region. This verdant plant has the ability to withstand extreme temperatures and is the ideal lawns in hot regions that receive very little rainfall.

Why Is Buffalo grass so popular in tropical areas?

Buffalo grass is a soft and stunning grass that blossoms in environments that receive low moisture. It color is usually greenish blue but in snowy winters this type of vegetation might become yellow. However, as this grass is a resilient perennial, it returns to its lush green color at the end of the cold season when the snow melts. This type of adaptation makes this plant ideal to constructing admirable lawn even in the Northern states of America that experience very harsh winters.

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Buffalo grass is very versatile and a wide range of soils can support this type of vegetation including clay and rocky limestone. While this grass require one inch of water per week to maintain its green coloration, this type of vegetation can endure much less. This is the reason why suppliers who provide buffalo grass for sale are in high demand among residential owners and business enterprises that prefer this type of foliage on their lawns. This type of grass only require low maintenance in the form of occasional mowing that allows it to grow to a height of three inches for a uniform look. However, in its natural state, this type of vegetation will grow to a height of eight to ten inches and is prefer for properties where occasional mowing is not possible.

Places that use this grass as a lawn

Educational institutes, cemeteries, golf courses, and parks are ideal public places to grow this type of grass. This type of vegetation is easy available in the form of seed or sod depending upon the season in which individuals house owners and corporate enterprises intend to plant the grass. While this foliage does not require any form of fertilization, it does act as catalyst in the increasing the growth of this grass after its initial planting.

This hardy foliage flourishes in areas that experience hot climates that make it ideal as a luxurious turf for business establishments and rich residential owners. These companies and people in such regions find this grass perfect for growing beautiful lawns. This type of vegetation is easy to plant and does not much maintenance as it can endure in less than one inch of water per week. This is why people who supply buffalo grass for sale in such region are the most sought-after service providers in these regions among such customers.       

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