Apart from all those mushy-mushy conversation starters, you must go for some random questions to ask a guy. These can be related to his work, family, and friends, things he likes or dislikes and just like that. This is the best way to acquire some knowledge about him inside out. So, here is your list for the same intent which you two will surely and thoroughly enjoy.

  1. What was the last time that you went for an adventure?
  2. Have you ever gone camping with your friends?
  3. Who is the most favorite person in your life?
  4. Have you ever given audition for a reality show?
  5. Which is your favorite youtube channel?
  6. Where do you want to go for an ideal date?
  7. Who is that person in your life you get annoyed just by seeing their face?
  8. If you have to pick between your school friends and college friends then who would you choose?guy-girl

9.What is your ultimate life goal? – One of good questions to ask a guy.

  1. What is the meaning and place of love in your life?

This is one of the most important kinds of random questions to ask a guy to know about his point of view on love and relationships.

  1. What was the last time you were in an awkward situation?
  2. Who is your favorite family member and why?
  3. What do you like more? Is it kids or pets?
  4. Which is your favorite clothing brand of all time?
  5. Whom would you like to eliminate in your life forever?
  6. Do you like to get involved in the office politics?
  7. What was the last time you got a promotion?

18.With what kind of person you want to spend the rest of your life?

  1. Do you have any secret wish list of weird objects?
  2. Which is your most favorite festival or occasion of the year and why?
  3. What was the last vacation you had been to?
  4. If you could go to some other planet for absolutely free then would you like to go there?
  5. Do you like novels or their movie adaptations more?

This is just another kind of random questions to ask a guy to know that what kind of vision he likes more.

  1. Which is your craziest fantasy of all time?

If you use Whatsapp more, then you can use these questions while chatting with a guy to know about him deeply, as we use whatsapp status quotes. .

  1. What kind of vision do you have for your career and future?
  2. Which is that family member you find most entertaining one?
  3. What is your ideal New Year plan?
  4. If you could go to your favorite place for never coming back, would you go there?
  5. Are you willing to live a life which is not even yours?
  6. What was the last time you got intimate with someone?


This list is surely going to help you to keep the conversation going with him. These random questions to ask a guy are the conversation keeper and would not let you down at all. So, just get ready to have a nonstop chat with him which may leave you guys shocked because of the unpredictable answers.

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