When it comes to the flood disasters that have been occurring in the Quebec and Montreal region, this damages company reputations as well.  The search engine reputation management is currently on the lookout for businesses who have had their reputation impacted due to this disaster. They want to help as much as they can by giving their services at a lower cost. It is said that the water levels are still expected to rise in the central Quebec region of Mauricie and still remain high in some large lakes causing more water to damage family’s homes along with several different businesses and retailers in the area. There are so many individuals, business and retailers who are getting affected from this especially those who are international companies. They have all been losing sales, not making new sales and are mostly unable to communicate due to everything that has been going on.

This doesn’t just impact families and businesses, it directly impacts the community and other businesses that operate internationally. There are some businesses who have their headquarters in the areas that are affected by the flood and not every international customer will know what’s going on therefore may write negative reviews when it comes to responses and delays.

Not only is it bad for everyone being affected, it can also have negative impact on the Public Security Minister Martin Coiteux who said that compensation for flood victims will be reviewed. The residents being impacted from the flood have no choice to be evacuated otherwise they will receive a fine of 5000$ along with all the problems they’ll have to deal with from the flood. Over 4480 residents have been affected directly from this flood and 3600 of these individuals had to evacuate their homes where some of these people have nowhere to go. Most residents weren’t allowed to go back to their homes to collect any of their personal items since it was too dangerous for them as in some areas; the current became strong and dangerous.

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