If you are seriously working out and aiming to build muscle for more than six months or one year, you are a beginner. At this point of time, the most important thing for you is to do the right things for bulking up. You need to know what is good and bad for you. This will help you set your perfect muscle-building plan. If you are taking the services of a fitness instructor, he will design the strategy and you simply need to stick to that program. In case you are doing it at your own, then you need to search for bodybuilding programs, whichare designed for newbies. This will put you on the right track and then you can move towards more challenging programs. You can also read Deca Durabolin articles to know more about this supplement.

The common thing among beginners is that they want to see the greatest and fastest results within a year. In the starting of your bodybuilding program, you will see certain changes in your body. Stick to your workout routine for three months after which you can change it for big gains. The one downside is that is there is no magic wand; your progress is entirely dependent on your efforts.

Think big yet keep it realistic

I am not saying that you do not need to make bigger goals. If you will not make bigger goals, then how you will make plans to achieve them. At the same time, it is also important to make realistic goals. These targets are easy to achieve and achievement brings satisfaction and enhanced confidence level. There is no point in setting a goal, which is out of your reach. When you try to put in your efforts to achieve unrealistic goals and failed to achieve, this may serve as counter-productive. Think about what you want to achieve in a couple of months and split your goals into smaller ones. Moreover, you cannot go and lift heavy weights without considering your fitness and strength.

Do not expect instant results

Bodybuilding is a gradual process and when you dedicate your time and energy, you achieve it. It is natural to expect quick results, but it is practical to realize what you can achieve in a certain period.

As a beginner in bodybuilding, you have to include three exercises for each muscle group. Include compound movements to increase strength. Experts opine that first three months must be dedicated for increasing body strength. This will create a good base on which you can build your muscle building career. Gather more information by going through Deca Durabolin articles.

Exercise, repetitions and rest

In the first week of your training, concentrate on doing exercise with the proper form. Do not make it complicated. Do exercises with 15 repetitions in every set. Take one-minute rest between sets. When you think that, you can hold the weights comfortably during exercise and do more repetitions, you can increase 10% of the weight you are using.

After completing three months, you have to redesign your exercise program. Use weights by which you can do around eight repetitions. After third month, you have to change your exercise routine at regular interval. This will not allow your body to become comfortable with your exercise routine.

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