Of course, kitchen appliances alone do not make a whole kitchen. However, they are the most important functional aspect of your kitchen space. Life expectancy of kitchen appliances does not last forever, on average it is 11 years for washers, dishwashers and water heaters (gas) to maximum 18 years for range (gas). Since then it comes the time you have to think of their replacement and related renovations in your kitchen. As it is reported, 14% of your kitchen renovation costs is only spent on purchase and installation of new kitchen appliances.With a wide range ofavailable options,choosing and buying the right appliances for your kitchen renovation can seem like a serious undertaking. Here is a list of some helpful tips to consider the future of your appliances:

  • Repair or replace? If your appliance is just three years old, repairing might be the best solution; butif it is 10 years of service, start looking for new models.
  • Eco-friendly removal of your old appliances. You can pay the store to take them back, sell working ones or even strip and sell for parts, recycle or donate.
  • Find qualified kitchen appliance specialists. Appliance installation is a complex process and not a piece of cake, so your purchase will not run smoothly without correct assemblage. Moreover, improper kitchen appliance installation can result in a bad plumbing or gas connection, and finally, you will get a much more kitchen renovation costs. You will feel confident knowing that the job will be doneappropriately, since they have the necessary installation tools and equipment to get the job done quickly and properly.
  • Choose a safe location for appliance installation. Always consult licensed appliance installation specialists before proceeding, if you have any concerns about the electrical or gas supply or any installation step.
  • Before the purchase, measure the space to ensure that it will fit. Work out if you need to remove or replace a unit or make the space bigger or smaller.
  • Do not move heavy appliances, you may damage it, the cabinets, the floor and most importantly even yourself.
  • Think of popular small countertop appliances for your kitchen. According statistics theyare: coffee markers, blenders, stand mixers, slow cookers, espresso machines, food processors, toaster ovens, wine coolers, soda makers. Will you need all of them?

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