Oxandrolone helps the people who lost weight due to some medical conditions and want to regain. It is medically used to relieve bone pain due to osteoporosis. Since Oxandrolone belongs to an anabolic supplement class, the drug has similar nature of the hormones produced by the body. Abusing this drug for enhancing athletic performance and physical appearance might lead to dangerous side effects.

Oxandrolone helps to treat the following conditions:

  • Growth failure associated with Turner’s syndrome Medications
  • Abnormality in sex chromosome
  • Metabolic process which breaks down the substances in body medications
  • Failure to grow medications
  • Continuous episodes of swelling due to inherited disorder

Functions of Oxandrolone:

Oxandrolone is a dihydrotestosterone derived anabolic androgenic drug. This DHT hormone is added with an oxygen atom in the place of carbon-2 in the A-ring. This elegant alteration increases the hormones’ anabolic power and prevents it from metabolic break down. The hormone is again altered with the 17th carbon position through the addition of a methyl group which allows Oxandrolone to be ingested orally without being shattered by the liver and officially is classified as a C17-alpha alkylated (C17-aa) anabolic supplement.

It is commonly used to add up weight among the people who lost their weight after any infection, surgery, cancer and HIV. It has a solid track record in increasing the bone density that helps to fight against osteoporosis. However the drug is successfully sold in many countries whereas the usage is limited in the United State of America for some purposes. This hormone helps to treat the children who lack with hormone production and aids in treating hepatitis cases.

Oxandrolone is commonly available as oral tablets in 25 and 50 mgs whereas many retailers, online website offering bulk Oxandrolone powder which is cheaper than the pills.

Oxandrolone has the capability of increasing red blood cells which helps to promote muscular endurance. Some studies showed that this anabolic supplement may even promote cardiovascular endurance. It is the only anabolic drug which directly involves in fat burning. Most of the anabolic supplements have positive impact on metabolism rate where Oxandrolone only directly promotes lipolysis. The direct lipolysis may be possible from the below reasons:

  • Oxandrolone binds to the androgen receptor firmly
  • Oxandrolone reduces thyroid-binding globulin
  • Oxandrolone increases thyroxine-binding pre-albumin results to use triiodothyronine (T3) at maximum

Oxandrolone side effects in men are acne, allergic reactions, rapid weight gain, dyspnea, penile erection, unusual penis growth before puberty, ejaculation problems, impotence, decreased amount of sperm and testicle size, Dysuria, loss of appetite, stomach pain, jaundice, nausea with vomiting, increased urination and thirst , joint pain, restlessness.  Oxandrolone side effects in women are voice deepening, excessive hair growth, acne vulgaris, irregular menstrual, enlarged clitoris, insomnia, increased or decreased libido, breast swelling.

The recommended Oxandrolone dose for men is 20-100 mg per day and women 5-15 mg per day. It can also be stacked with Winstrol, HGH, and Primobolan. Though many legitimate sites are offering bulk Oxandrolone powder at affordable rates, check with a physician before starting such supplements.

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