When most people think of traveling to Orlando, the first thing that comes to mind is Disneyland. Another thing that comes to mind is having to dish out a large sum of money for a visit to the theme park. This may lead you to believe that traveling to Orlando will be an expensive adventure, and for the budget RV traveler this will lead you to cross Orlando off your list of possible destinations. But don’t write off the great city of Orlando just yet, because there are tons of free things to do that will appeal to the traveler on a budget. So when you’re gearing up and ready to hit the RV rentals store to set off on your next journey, make sure to keep Orlando in mind.

There are a variety of free activities and sights that you can see in Orlando, with some of the top activities listed below.

Disney Marketplace & Boardwalk

If you want to experience Disney but also wish to dodge the expensive costs of the main theme park, then this is the destination for you. Located right in downtown Orlando, here you can experience the magic of Disney with no cover charge. Also, there are often musical performances and other free activities throughout the Marketplace.

Lake Eoloa Park

One of the prettiest urban parks in the country, Lake Eoloa features a stunning skyline view, a variety of concerts and free outdoor activities, and on Sundays a massive farmer’s market. This is one of the most historic and beloved locations in Orlando, so be sure to check it out.

Harry P. Leu Gardens

Here you will find an incredible variety of outdoor attractions and activities, including palm and bamboo gardens, tropical streams, a butterfly garden, and a historic museum. And yes, if you visit on the first day of the month between 9 AM and Noon, you get in for absolutely free.

Ocala National Forest

This is the second largest national forest in the state of Florida, and it costs nothing to enter. You can enjoy a long hike or just hand out and enjoy the amazing scenery, wildlife, and wide variety of tropical flowers and trees.

A World Of Orchids

This conservatory contains many natural exhibits featuring amazing and rare flowers from all over the world. You can easily spend an entire day here in this soothing, colorful atmosphere, so be sure to allot yourself enough time to take it all in.

Orlando Brewing Company

Located right in downtown Orlando, this organic brewery offers free tours after 6 PM on all days except Sunday. You can enjoy a walkthrough tour of the brewery and even enjoy some free samples. There are often activities here as well such as free concerts on the weekends.

The Peabody Ducks March

Twice per day, at 11 AM or 5 PM, the dozens of ducks who take up in the Royal Duck Fountain outside the Peabody hotel are escorted to and from the fountain on their own red carpet. This one truly has to be seen to be believed.

Orlando has a ton of free activities to embark on for the budget traveler. When you combine these with the great weather, you have the perfect RV destination.

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