Node JS is a framework based on Javascript that is used to develop web applications. The base used to build node is the V8 Engine launched by Google Chrome. The V8 engine is known for the speed and scalability that it provides to the entire process of web development. The major aim of using node is to develop web based applications which mainly work towards functionalities like video streaming, etc. and other single paged web based applications. Since node is available for free and is very easy to use if you have the basic knowledge of programming, you can take up a Node.JS workshop from a Web Development Training Institute and start working on it almost immediately.

If you are new to development and programming, it is initially advised that you prepare yourself with a basic knowledge of HTML, Javascript, AJAX, CSS, etc as it makes the entire process of learning node and working around its concepts easy for you.

The main aim of node is to ease down the process of development and to ensure that the application size stays the minimum, lightweight and highly efficient when it comes to performance. Node JS in spite of written in Javascript provides complete compatibility with Microsoft windows, OS X, Linux, etc.

Now that we have understood the basics, let us check out some of the features that make the node js special.

Speed is the first factor that makes the node js a very popular framework in comparison to what its competitors are offering. Since V8 is already known for its speed, the same has been inherited with the node as well. You can easily pick code from the libraries or template books to do the basic coding in the node and this also helps in making the entire process speedy.

A lot of people who have an experience of programming often claim that the frameworks that are single threaded often have scalability issues. But this is not the case when you use the node js. In spite of being single threaded in nature, node is great when it comes to scalability. The workability here is really simple; event looping is brought in use along with the inbuilt single thread model of node. Due to this, the response given by the server uses a non blocking approach thus adding to the scalability. One single program that is used by the node has multiple uses and ensures that a lot of services are taken care of.

It is also seen that the process of data buffering always takes a lot of time but when you are using the node js, the entire process of buffering gets eliminated. In node, the data output is given in the form of data chunks. This makes sure that the numbers of requests that can be handled in a fixed time are high in comparison to the traditional servers.

Considering these special features listed above and node being completely data driven, it proves to be highly result oriented for the app developments.

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