If you haven’t made your New Year’s resolutions for 2018, think outside the box and beyond the proverbial diet. Instead, resolve to do something fun and different. After all of those long hours at work and keeping busy with the tasks you have to do, set aside some time for yourself to take a road trip. Your INFINITI dealership in Thousand Oaks has a great assortment of cars in stock that will make your adventure even more amazing.

A Wonderful Winter Adventure

While winters are mild in most of SoCal, this is a great time to enjoy the desert landscapes to the east and northeast of us. A visit to Joshua Tree National Park, or perhaps Mojave National Preserve, will get you away from gridlock. This is the best time of the year to travel below sea level to Death Valley National Park, too. You can visit Furnace Creek without sweltering!

If you prefer majestic mountains and tall trees rather than arid landscapes, the snowier and quieter seasons at Yosemite, Kings Canyon, and Sequoia offer a great escape. Be sure to check for road closures, always carry tire chains, and keep abreast of changing conditions if you visit remote areas with unpredictable winter weather.

Preparing for a Road Trip

Before taking a long road trip anytime of the year, it’s wise to bring your car in for service. Let our service advisers at Thousand Oaks know if you plan to go to remote or rugged areas. Be sure to inspect your tires to assure that they are at the proper pressure and the treads have sufficient traction. Also, check fluid levels and your battery.  Our service team can get your car ready.

Special Considerations during the Winter

If you plan to visit areas with snow and ice, take a few extra preventative measures. Check your heater and defroster to make sure they are in good condition. Consider using winter wiper blades and carry an ice scraper or a frost shield. In addition to your first aid kit and flashlight with new batteries, be sure to pack other items that may come in handy if you run into difficulty, such as extra water, non-perishable food, clothes, and a blanket.

When driving in icy regions, keep chains with your vehicle.  Remember that curvy and shady road segments can be extra treacherous with ice accumulations. Allow for extra distance between vehicles and let the snow plows do their work. Use your lower gears when descending hills. Never ride your brakes.

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