People who attempt to quit smoking always look for an alternative that can replace the cigarettes without putting a negative impact on their body. As a boon, the evolution of e-cigarettes was made.

If you are a chain smoker, you need to attend your doctor and take proper precaution to end your addiction and continue a healthy life. Canadian Pharmacy helps you buying medicines online with hassle-free home delivery. But if you are not an addict, still you want to completely put an end to smoking; most of you would find e-cigarette as a positive option.

However, people who use an e-cigarette, have many myths in concern to them which cause them using the e-cigarette in a wrong way. So, below are some common myths associated with the e-cigarette that you should know before using it.

E-Cigarettes are Completely Safe: If you believe that the e-cigarettes are completely safe to use, you are wrong. If you have ever researched, none of the e-cigarette brands and flavors is approved by the FDA. As they don’t meet the requirement of healthy stuff for mankind, it can’t be considered as completely safe for use. However, in comparison to normal smoking, it helps you earn the same feeling without affecting your body.

E-Cigarette has Zero Nicotine: This is the biggest myth that even some of the brands share with their customers. Even the e-cigarettes that claim to have no nicotine have a small ratio of notice that delivers you the feel of smoking and brings relief to your mental conditions. A study has revealed that the amount of nicotine in e-cigarettes is far much less as compared to normal smoking.

E-Cigarette Helps you Quit Smoking: Taking e-cigarette as the alternative to ordinary smoking is appreciable, but if you think it helps you quit smoking, you are wrong. According to a research it has been found that people instead of quitting their smoking habit, gets addicted to using an e-cigarette that starts affecting their body slowly. So, its recommended to reach your doctor if you really want to quit smoking.

E-cigarettes are Not Made for Kids: With the evolution of technology, kids and youth are more adhere to the trends they watch in the movies, serials, etc. As a result, they start following the same trend. And using e-cigarettes has become a common trend in such era. If data is to be believed, the usage of e-cigarettes among youth and kids has almost tripled in the last few years.

E-Cigarette Doesn’t harm Passive Smokers: As the e-cigarette still release smoke, it is harmful to the passive smokers. It’s a false belief that e-cigarette doesn’t harm the passive smoker and keep them safe from smoking second-hand smoke.

Undoubtedly, the e-cigarette is one of the options that you can choose to quit the smoking habit and rebuild a healthy lifestyle, but still, you need to attend your doctor before using it. There are many pros and cons that you should know about e-cigarette before adding it to your daily routine and replace your harmful cigarette with it.

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