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Air Canada ended up suspending a couple’s tickets which ended up costing them 6000$ to return from Portugal.  The only way the couple can get back home was to book new one-way fares for almost three times what they had originally aid for the entire trip. The airline only offered the couple a settlement after they were contacted by CBC shortly after to inquire about the situation.  The company then lied and tried to explain that this problem was related to fraud detection technique yet they had used the same card to book the outbound flight without any problems previously.

When the couple had gotten home after a 23-hour flight back to St. Johns, they started to inquire about compensation and sent an email to Air Canada’s customer relations and received a response several days later.  Once again the company explained that there was fraud detection and he then replied to the company that they want compensation and if it isn’t resolved he will initiate court proceedings. The couple then proceeded to file a suit at the small claims court in St. Johns and soon after, Air Canada called the Earles and offered to settle out of court. The company agreed to pay the full amount and gave them a 6523$ compensation.

Luckily for the Earle family, he had been practicing law for almost four decades therefore knew exactly how to handle the situation. If something like this happens to another family with no law experience, they may not know what to do and may go the wrong route. It is important for all airlines to start think about customer service and to straighten up and not overbook, or cancel any customers plane tickets.

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