Nowadays the spell casting services are quite popular. The spell casters use many different spells and prayers, a love spell caster may even use methods that are considered black or white in nature (referring to black and white magic).  Few centuries ago, magic was prohibited and people who practiced it were executed. These days people can practice magic freely and, so, we have a big variety of spell casters promoting their services in the Internet and in the newspapers. Some people think that all the spell casters do the same thing – practice magic, but they don’t realize that spell casting includes many magic professionals. According to the method and purpose, modern spell casters are divided in:


  1. Spiritual workers that use a combination of magic, religious prayer and petition. They believe in one Mighty God that rules our world. Spiritual workers also affirm that everything happens because of the God’s will. Such people usually have a strong connection with God, who helps them to solve everyday problems.
  2. Psychics are mostly qualified in tarot cards. They use their powerful intuition to read the past and connect with the future.
  3. Voodoo originated from African colonies and came to European continent, where it mixed with Christian religion and culture. A person who performs voodoo spells is called a spell caster and he/she usually knows everything about white magic. Some decades ago, voodoo lost its good reputation as people thought that it belongs to the dark or evil magic, because of the performed ritual dances and shamanism. Today voodoo is considered a completely different type of magic used with good intentions.
  4. Wiccan practices are related with voodoo magic because of the similar origins (African and European). The Wiccan religion has its own book called The Book of Wiccan and contains many spells, chants and rituals. One important point to underline is that wiccans practice only white magic and believe in The Law of Return – what you send to the universe comes back to you in three times strong.

There are lots of magic professionals, but no matter which type of magic you choose, the real spell caster would be able to identify your past and suggest the best spell in your situation. He/she is usually an open-minded person that answers all your questions and gives you a regular feedback about your spell. If you doubt your spell casters qualification, it’s better to check his background and his training certificate. When you go through his/her site, pay attention on its content – a normal magic site, normally, contains information about the services, about the spell caster(s) background and the payment method. You might ask: “And what about the comments of the witnesses?” Yes, they are also very important. But today many people are paid to make such statements because they give a good reputation to the site. So, don’t believe everything you are told, because not everything is the truth. Authentic spell casters can rarely be found as there is no “quality control” to them; sites like lovespells24 offer a market place for experienced and legitimate spell casters to choose from.

The last point to consider is the payment method. Now think for a moment: “How would you pay: before or after the spell is performed?” Already know the answer? Did you answer after the spell? If yes, you are wrong. Each magic spell requires a lot of work and material recourses. A spell caster can’t put a spell without a proper material support and because of this you should pay before the spell. Usually, clients who pay after the spell is performed don’t take magic seriously: they think it’s a type of entertainment, when it’s not. So, if your spell caster is a serious person, you should pay him before – remember, that your reputation also counts here. And if you want to find a real modern spell caster, trust your inner critic.

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Alleen Wright