Cars are complex machines that will eventually break down. You don’t want to break down halfway between work and home while driving on the freeway either. Preventing catastrophic failures is the key to car care today. Learn what you can do to prep your car right now.

Join a Club

There are dozens of different vehicle clubs across the nation. You pay a membership fee that gives you access to immediate towing and car services when an emergency occurs. These clubs typically offer classes and articles regarding car care and road tips. Although you may not need a tow this year, your membership pays off over time with seniority perks.

You also gain more knowledge about driving and vehicles than the average driver. Use this information to keep your car in great shape and out of the repair shop.

Hire a Mobile Tech

Depending on your vehicle’s age, it requires an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Rotating tires, checking the other fluids and countless tasks under the hood must be performed on a regular basis too. Heading to the repair shop is on your to-do list, but think about alternative services.

Hire a tech that comes to your home or work, such as a mobile brake repair service. The tech arrives with a vehicle that’s outfitted with every possible part. They evaluate the car, and repair it as necessary. You lose no time out of your daily schedule.

Get Educated

One of the best ways to take care of your car is by simply learning about it. Take a class about engines and transmissions. Many of these classes are hands-on types. You’ll know how to fix the basics on the car so that you’re never stranded on the road.

Avoid any major modifications to the car, such as air intakes, so that the engine doesn’t have added strain. It’s designed to run with certain parts in place. Maintain the factory parts, and you’ll have a ride that runs for thousands of miles.

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