Anyone suffering from eczema knows how much of a pain living with the condition can be. The large sore patches can appear anywhere, but it can be particularly embarrassing when it decides to pop up on your face. So what can you do about it?

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Skin-Care Routine

Address the eczema directly before trying to cover it. This makes applying any make-up later on a lot easier on your face. There are countless tips and tricks online to read up on, but really you need to get to know your skin’s individual requirements

Make sure you discuss any change in your skin-care routine with your doctor or dermatologist. As with any skin condition, there will be triggers in your life that will cause flare-ups, and your doctor can help you to trace and avoid these. They can also recommend useful products such as the Avene Sensitive Skin Gift Set and other paraben-free skincare products to apply.


There are an endless number of different make-up tools to choose from, which can get pretty daunting, so the best thing to do is to keep it simple. Apply your products using a gentle ‘patting’ or ‘dabbing’ motion – rubbing or brushing can disrupt dry skin further. Make sure you use clean tools.

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If you find your face is irritated when applying make-up to the affected areas, clean off any product as soon as possible. Use gentle products such as to avoid further discomfort.


Again, keep it simple. It’s important to not only consider the application but also what you’re putting on. It’s easy to get caught up in negative feelings and wanting to cake on thick product to cover up any blemishes, but actually keeping it simple and light is the best way to go. Use neutralising products where possible: any moisturiser or concealing wand with a green tint will balance out any redness in your skin.

Play to your face’s strengths. If there are only certain areas where you have patches, then try to draw attention to a different part of your face. For example, if your irritated skin is around your eyes, why not be daring and go for a bold lipstick? Conversely, if your patches are around your mouth, then try going for a striking eye look. Be brave!

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