Taking care of your boat is key to ensuring its longevity. Here are some recommendations to keep yours in tip-top shape.

Check for Wear and Tear Regularly

It’s natural for a boat to accumulate its fair share of dents and superficial damage over time, so always make sure they don’t reach critical levels. Check for leaks and ensure your propeller and engine are in good shape: the last thing you want is to be stranded far from shore.

Buy Discounted (but High Quality) Replacement Parts

Once in a while, it’s natural that a part of your boat will wear out, break or stop functioning properly. As any boat owner can tell you, just having a boat often involves paying a lot of regular costs, which can make repairs a painful process for your wallet. Nevertheless, you don’t want to replace a damaged part with something that, while inexpensive, will likely break down in a short amount of time. Your best bet is to seek out discount boat parts from reputable manufacturers, which review sites like ConsumerAffairs can steer you toward.

Clean Your Boat!

Mildew and mold are common enemies of boats and can appear fairly quickly, meaning you have to constantly check for them and clean them either with a product specially made to remove them or homemade items like hydrogen peroxide and water mixed with baking soda. You can actually prevent build-up by keeping your boat consistently ventilated, as the humidity in the air in can contribute to mold and mildew growth over time if not allowed to circulate. Keep the inside of your boat as clean and dry as possible… including your shower! Use fresh water to wash away salt water, which can also be a mold/mildew contributor. A clean boat is bound to be a long-lived one.

You won’t need sunken treasure to keep your boat afloat if you follow these tips. Good luck, and happy boating!


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