According to the WHO report, there are nearly 600 million adults and 100 million children are considered obese in the whole population. This is nearly 12% of the population according to the 2015 info. In the past 2 years, this number would have increased not decreased. As per the same report, a colossal amount of nearly 150 billion is spent on treating related illness of obese people but not the obesity. This amount is a non-productive and unwanted expense by people and their own nation. This also indirectly decrease the GDP of a nation.


What is the definition of overweight and obesity? One may not use visual inspection and tell the other guy overweight or obese as looks can be deceiving some times. The scientific way to define is by measuring one’s Body Mass Index. If the BMI is more than 25 and less than 30, then it’s called being overweight and if it is above 30, then obese. These are the people who need serious weight loss as they have a tendency to get various kinds of diseases and conditions. These may include type-2 diabetes, heart ailments, sleep disorders, osteoarthritis and sometimes rare type of cancers. Some medicines like nonprescription Phen375 supplement may offer a solution to their issues.

Weight Loss Program

First one has to understand why weight gain occurs which may offer a solution to weight loss. Food that we eat is converted to energy to aid our growth. Some of it is stored as fat for later utilization when energy is not readily available via food. However, if one consumes a lot of food and does not utilize the energy, chances are that they are stored as fat in the middle section of the body. Once this goes out of control, then one becomes obese. The way to reduce weight is by having physical activities like walking, jogging and exercises. These may take time to bring in even moderate results. For those who are seriously obese, bariatric surgery will give a good solution but if one considers the cost and pain, one has to think twice. Then there are certain kinds of medicines which might help in losing weight.

Drugs for Weight Loss

There are certain drugs which act on the central nervous system and acts as an appetite suppressant. Essentially, they signal the brain that the stomach is full even if it is not. This reduced intake of food. Once the calorie intake is reduced, thebody starts converting the stored fat as energy and use it for growth. One of the drugs, Phentermine was introduced in the late 50s which was an effective drug. However, it resulted in many cardiac diseases and hence was pronounced a controlled drug and one needs a prescription nowadays to get it. There are equivalent medicines invented which might give similar results but without the side effects. One such drug is a nonprescription Phen375 supplement and proved to be as effective. One has to be careful when buying such drugs as one end up with spurious ones which may not be tested fully. Also, one has to be worried about the side effects these spurious drugs may bring in and is important that they buy from the official company directly.

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