A recent survey conducted by one of the leading millionaire dating sites revealed that most women would hesitate to get married again. However, 834% of men would consider remarrying immediately following a divorce or demise of their spouse. It’s only 5.2% of men who declared that they would not remarry while 11% were indecisive concerning the matter. But the trends proved very different when it came to women. Statistics revealed that 678% of women disapproved of getting hitched again or preferred waiting for more than ten years before choosing to wed. The survey also showed that only 32.1% of women would tie the bond within 5 years.

More and more people are choosing online dating in the hope of finding millionaire singles with a good education. However, the main preoccupation is to find great relationships and making a love connection as opposed to putting money first. At 84.5%, the majority of millionaire women prefer dating other millionaires. On the other hand, a millionaire man would prefer dating a non-millionaire because such a woman appreciates things, and he also enjoys dating a younger, attractive woman. Also, most millionaire men often find millionaire women to be bossy, and they try to avoid that situation because they’ve got the financial means to do so. These are the points worth considering before you join the millionaire dating scene.

The majority of millionaires out there living large are not necessarily married and often rely on dating sites for the services of millionaire match making. A big number of male millionaires are aged between 35 and 60 years and are often accomplished professionals in their careers including Attorneys. CEOs, Inventors, Dentists, and Doctors. They often target the ladies in their early 20’s up to mid 40.s. These cohorts of people have mastered the art of success and have sharp brains but they lack the time required to look for life partners.

The qualities millionaire’s male singles assess Millionaire singles especially males tend to look for intelligent, polished, fun, and attractive females. In other words, they are looking for a combination of body figure, beauty, and brains. Some single clients narrow down their requests to qualities like age, height, complexion, and ethnicity. Therefore, appearances alone aren’t enough on the part of ladies eying millionaire singles because intelligence, personality compatibility and love all contribute to a successful matchmaking in the dating sites.

If you’re a single man interested in dating a millionaire, your chances of success would improve if you were a conservative person. According to a study conducted by a popular millionaire dating site, wealthy women go for conservative men rather than liberals. Indeed, your character and behaviour play will determine your odds of getting a millionaire to date. The study showed that 45% of wealthy women would prefer to date a conservative guy, 33% preferred a moderate man, and the remaining 7% didn’t have any specific dating inclinations.

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