So you managed to get your hands on waterfront property in Palm Beach! How do you make the most of it? If your new home doesn’t already feature the following suggestions, you’re missing out on the best possible Florida experience.

Multipurpose Dock

If you’re on waterfront property, that probably means you are interested in boating. Once you manage to acquire any sort of vessel, you’re going to need a place to park it. There is always the option to rent space at a marina, but it is so much more convenient to dock right outside your own home. There are palm beach county docks construction contractors that are well equipped to give you the dock of your dreams. Docks are also good for fishing, jumping and watching the sunset.

Outdoor Living Space

To make sure that you have plenty of comfortable access to cool breezes and the sound of lapping water, give yourself usable living space outside. Why live on the water if you’re not going to enjoy it? You could set up an outdoor kitchen with a grill and a pizza oven for delightful al fresco dining. To continue the enjoyment through the night, consider installing a fire pit- they are great for s’mores.

Big Windows

Even when you have to be indoors you should still be able to appreciate your location. A rainy day on the water can be just as good as a sunny one. Upgrade your windows to the largest possible configuration. Think big and bold- floor to ceiling if possible! This will also create an amazing curb appeal from the water. If you are concerned about privacy there are the options of one-way or tinted glass.

Living on the water in Palm Beach is truly a blessing. There is so much to enjoy if you have the proper set-up. Consider optimizing your property with the appropriate water-friendly additions.


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