If you suffer from stained and broken teeth, you do not have to suffer from low confidence anymore. Thanks to the developments in the oral healthcare industry, you effectively are able to embrace advanced dental procedures that ensure you get the perfect set of sparkling teeth. One of the most common problems you face with your teeth are stains and marks. Some of the them are so stubborn they just will not go away. It is here that you should go in for the advanced laser tooth whitening techniques that help you get that sparkling set of teeth back again!

Dr. Oliver Griffel– a reputed and trusted dentist in Toronto, says that cosmetic dentistry gives you quick results. It ensures that your teeth look at good as new. With the aid of laser teeth whitening, you can get shinier and whiter teeth. It is more or less the same as a dental implant where you will get 10-15 times whiter teeth, she says.Image result for Laser Tooth Whitening Techniques

The cons of the old conventional methods

The laser technology of teeth whitening became very popular after patients complained about the conventional methods. They said that these conventional methods did not give them the results they wanted. They were dissatisfied and unhappy. The costs were high but the results were not as per expectations. They also complained that after the teeth whitening procedure, they suffered from tenderness and inflammation. Laser technology removed all that so that specific areas could be targeted. The complications that arose in conventional methods were also eradicated. Patients were much happier with the results.

The procedure of teeth whitening

The laser teeth whitening procedure is long and it does involve a lot of detail. The surrounding teeth and the tissues of the mouth should be protected from the laser rays. The dentist generally applies beeswax so that the teeth and the tissues are not in direct contact with the laser beam. The type of laser beam will be decided by your dentist. It will depend upon the nature and the condition of your teeth. The most common laser teeth whitening procedure uses the argon beam. The change of color takes place when the laser beam is applied to your teeth. The color becomes lighter and the stains are removed. Once this step is done, the dentist will apply fluoride on your teeth. It makes the teeth strong and also gives the teeth a white shine.

Dr. Oliver Griffel says that once the procedure is over, you will be asked to take post treatment care of your teeth. You should follow the instructions that your dentist tells you for long lasting results. She says that you should avoid hot items and tea and coffee. They tend to stain your teeth. After some weeks, you will be called for a check-up. She says that when the whole procedure is over, you should take good care of your teeth and use the products prescribed to you by your dentist. Oral health begins with care and regular dental check-ups, she says!

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