Cosmetic surgery has become a common thing for the people. There are certain common procedures like lipoplasty, breast implants, eyelid surgery, nose jobs and facelifts. People look more beautiful after the cosmetic surgeries.

Here you will be informed about the most common procedures in a more detailed way.


This surgery is also called as body sculpting. It is basically the process of removing the pockets of fat of the body. The surgeon performs a small incision and removes the unwanted fat of the body, which offers a light and new look to the person. Patient may feel swelling on the operated areas but later on, it will be normal. Person should consult for the medications before and after the surgery.    

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Eyelid surgery

This is one of the most common surgeries, which is done to have perfect eyelids. Some of the people face losing skin around their eyelids which can be treated by this surgical method and offer beautiful eyes. The patient may complain of the blurry vision after the surgery, but do not worry, it will be normal in a week or two. This surgery is mostly preferred by women.

Breast implants

To have an attractive body shape of a woman, breast plays an important role. Women who do not have enough breast size can go for breast implants. In this surgery, saline-filled bags slid are placed in the patient’s breast tissues, which increase their size. After the successful breast implant, person may not be able to bathe for a week. The patient should not try any type of vigorous exercise as it can hurt the operated area. After few days, woman can continue her daily routine and work.

Nose surgery

Most of the people think that their nose is not perfect, so for them, nose surgery is the best option. Sono Bello is one of the best surgery platforms for all procedures. People who are interested in reshaping their nose can get in touch with this clinic. In the procedure of nose reshaping surgery, nose skin is removed to provide necessary shape. As people know that nose is made of cartilage, which can be tilted to some limit. A person may feel uncomfortable for first 2 weeks after the surgery but later on, it will as usual.

Facelift surgery

Facelift surgery is a procedure, which is done to remove the sagging effect of the face. This surgery basically stretches the face skin to offer smooth skin. Patient may feel some numbness on her face in the beginning but after few days, it will become normal.

Botox injection

Botox injections are used to remove the wrinkles near the eyes. In this process, the patient does not need much time to recover. This injection needs to be taken in every four months to maintain the wrinkle-free eyes.

All the above common cosmetic surgeries can be found at a single place, so those who seek for any one of the above can search for the cosmetic surgical clinics over the internet. These days, most of the cosmetic surgical clinics like Sono Bello have websites for the people to find them.

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