It doesn’t take much to protect your child from the season’s cough and flu. Just teach them to keep their hands clean through regular handwashing.

As the monsoon season takes hold, it excites your child quite a lot – it is fun to play in the rain with friends! But the rains also bring cold and flu with it, and your child may fall prey to these. However, it is never too late to teach your child how to be safe – and to wash their hands often.

Keep your child safe this monsoon season…

The monsoon season is pleasing to the senses, but it comes with its share of illnesses. The damp weather conditions create the perfect setting for bacterial and fungal growth in your surroundings. These release spores into the atmosphere, which can cause respiratory problems. Meanwhile, the transmission of flu and cold germs continues from person to person, especially when an infected person coughs or sneezes in your vicinity, and you inhale or touch the droplets that they expel.

Little children are unaware of how infectious germs are transmitted from one person to another. They may unknowingly touch another child’s used tissue, or forget to cover their own faces when they cough or sneeze. Meanwhile, they may pick up infectious germs on their hands and touch their own eyes, nose or mouth – cold and flu germs then enter the body and begin to incubate. Soon, your child falls ill and needs to recuperate at home.

The best way to keep your child safe from seasonal illnesses is to teach them to keep their hands clean. Show them the proper handwashing technique and they will soon adopt these habits on a regular basis.

Teach your child the right handwashing method

Children can be oblivious about the spread of germs, and even more unaware that their hands carry a lot of germs. So teaching them about handwashing, and about the right way to wash hands, is important if they must stave off illness.

  • Start by instructing your child to rinse their hands under clean running water.
  • Get a good antibacterial handwashing soap for the house. Place the bottle next to the washbasin and tell your child to take a dollop of the soap on their hands.
  • Now tell your child to rub their hands together so that the soap lathers. Tell them to rub their hands together while humming ‘Happy Birthday’ – this is the recommended handwashing time for the soap to work on the germs and clean the skin completely.
  • After washing the hands, tell your child to wipe their hands dry on a clean paper towel. Or they can drip dry their hands if they don’t have a clean kerchief on them.
  • It is important for your child to keep their hands clean even when they are away from soap and water – keep a hand sanitizer in their bag and teach them how to use it and when. The most important times to use the hand sanitizer are after going to the washroom, after eating their meals, and if they inadvertently touch another person’s used tissues.

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