Real estate CEOs work in a managerial or executive role in the firm, and this may be for a development company, an investment real estate firm, or a real estate financing company. The CEO is usually accountable for the accounting and financial management of the company and this may include commissions, payroll, and accounts payable, making budgetary projections and managing clients’ portfolios. Furthermore, the professional may need to manage bank accounts and other possessions, and abide by the regulations and complete other financial management functions and tasks.

Gene Bernshtam is a reputed CEO of Avalon Holdings LLC, a real estate firm. He is responsible and accountable for the total operation and management of this development company. He is responsible to set the company’s overall strategic direction and significances, and monitor the performance of the company in addition to the performance of each project. Avalon Holdings focuses in apartment buildings and in mixed-use properties. It also offers services in investment, consulting, management, underperforming real estate assets and development.Related image

Listed below are some of the job responsibilities of Mr. Bernshtam as the CEO:

Offers the necessary linkage between the Executive Management Team and the Board of Directors, and offer them with sufficient information to perform their accountabilities.

Conducts a planned review of performance regularly to determine whether the company is meeting its long and short term objectives.

Delegates certain accountabilities to correct executives in order to guarantee smooth running of the company.

Establishes and maintains an effective system of communications all through the company to ensure that the authorities, responsibilities, and liabilities of all executives are clearly demarcated and agreed.

Sets departments’ high-level objectives, purposes and tactics and work with them on achieving such goals by carefully monitoring their operations.

Recruits, develops, manages and motivates employees and executives reporting to him.

Endorses the company’s trend and momentum, its business presentation, the optimistic external and internal impact, people and services.

Thus, as the CEO of the company, Mr. Bernshtam manages the entire functioning of Avalon Holdings LLC and oversees the work of the team members so that the company can run smoothly.

When not working, he loves to collect classic cars, restore and preserve them. He enjoys traveling to various parts of the world especially, the southern part of France. He loves to watch Chicago Bulls basketball team and likes listening to pop, jazz, and rock. He is a member of the Lamborghini Club of America and the Ferrari Club of America (FCA and is also a member of the Illinois Secretary of State Licensed Auto Dealers. He also likes scuba diving, and weightlifting. Regarding movies, he loves to watch the classics such as Apocalypse Now and the Godfather. There’s Something About Mary and Pulp Fiction are also there in the list of the favorite movies.

Over the years, Eugene Bernshtam has received several awards by taking part in judged classic automotive courtyards across the country. He supports several Chicago aldermen by joining fundraisers.

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