Having a spouse faithful to you should be the norm.

That said the real truth is not all couples are faithful to one another. When this happens, it can do one of two things.

It can send a message that the marriage is in trouble and work is essential. It can also point out that you are moving towards a divorce.

If you think you might have a cheating spouse, what actions should you take to deal with the matter?

Do Not Jump to Conclusions

In trying to determine if your spouse is in fact cheating on you, do not jump to conclusions.

You want to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Sure, one or more signs may point to something going on. That said you can’t know that for sure without some proof.

Among some of the more common signs something is not right with your marriage:

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  1. Why are they almost never home? – One of the telltale signs things are amiss is your spouse is almost never home. Now, work could have something to do with this. That said they are not going to be working 24/7. If it seems like your spouse has picked up a lot more hours of work as of late, is there a reason for this? If you have your suspicions, it may be worth your time to investigate.
  2. Why are they communicating less? – Another sign of trouble is that your spouse is communicating less and less with you. For instance, conversation around the dinner table has dropped off. There may also be less communication when apart. This includes fewer phone calls and texts. While all couples go through some periods when communication is lacking, you do not want this to be the norm.
  3. Why are they not as passionate in the bedroom? – If your activities in the bedroom have dropped off, this is another sign of trouble in paradise. In the event you and your spouse have had an active sex life up to now, why have things changed and not for the better? One reason may be your spouse is spending time with another individual. As a result, they have less interest in you when it comes to passion and intimacy.
  4. Why are they in an unusual part of town? – You may be out and about or a family member or friend is. While out, they notice your partner’s vehicle. Their vehicle was spotted in another part of town it would not in most cases be in. Not only was it seen once, but several times over the course of weeks or a month or two. While there may be a legitimate explanation for this, it might also be they are with someone. Visiting that person at their home or job could explain a lot of things.

Knowing that your spouse is faithful to you is something you’d like to not have to worry about.

That said you do want to be sure you know the truth.

Even if it is news you do not want, it is important you know what is going on.

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