NEET examination requires smart studying. Students have studied 65% of the syllabus and have still managed to get a score of close to 75%. Most of you’ll might wonder, how? How in this world is it even remotely possible?

The truth is, it is not possible unless you choose those 65% syllabus with a high degree of smartness and proper guidance. Most of you have enrolled yourself in some coaching classes but hardly does the guidance you get from there comes useful and handy. All of us, here at embibe, strongly believe that each student who aspires to be an engineer or a doctor should have a strong guidance towards reaching his dream college.

Students come to our chat platform and bombard us with questions like can you give us the important chapters for NEET? I have not completed my studies, what should I do? What are the most likely questions in exams? Can you help me to revise my entire syllabus?

We give them our best reply and we tell them the best course of action starting from that day to the day of your examination. We keep them updated with the latest news and the best of the scoring tips for NEET and other entrance examinations by our faculties who are analyzing the previous years paper and make a judgement as to what kind of questions are likely in this year’s examination. Which topics have been repeated, and how much of it is so important that it can be repeated this year too.

We strongly recommend you to give full tests, mock tests and solve previous year’s paper. This will not only give you the stamina to sit in the exam hall with concentration for 3 hours, but will also help you identify the mistakes just in time. You should revise these topics so that your concepts are rock solid. Remember, completing 100% syllabus is not important, knowing 100% of the syllabus you have done is more important.

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