You may be considering a basement renovation but be unsure where to start.  Part of the answer to this will lie in the reason for the basement renovation.  If you are aware you are running out of space then you will know that you need an extra bedroom or living area.  If, on the other hand, you are simply trying to make the best of your home you may not know what to do with the large space on the lowest floor!

Even if you know what you need, it does not mean that this is what should go in the basement; a basement renovation provides the opportunity to rearrange the other rooms in the house.

Before you can come up with a plan it is best to consult a specialist basement renovation firm, such as AGM Basement Renovations.  They will be able to provide you with ideas and pictures to help you visualize the finished product and how it will benefit you and your home.  If you prefer to design everything yourself with the aid of pictures on the internet; it is advisable to use a design package.  This will allow you to create a 3D image of the space before you start.

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If your current kitchen is on the small side and you love to cook then this is a good opportunity to lower the kitchen and refit it in your basement.  You can take up as much space as you need and create a stunning, modern kitchen.  With a little imagination it can become the new center of you home and still have naturally light through high windows or sun tunnels.

Games Room

If the space is a luxury and not for a specific purpose then the obvious answer is to create a games area.  The room can be separated into several sections.  One part can become a home cinema, another turned into a bar area and even a pool or snooker table can be added.  You can even add a second living space to allow for parties or to provide the children with their own space; away from grown-up activities.

Self-contained Apartment

Another option for your basement renovation is to convert it into a self-contained apartment.  This is excellent if you have an elderly relative that needs to be looked after but wants to maintain their independence.  Equally, this option can be beneficial if your children are old enough to start working but not able to afford their own place.  A self-contained apartment can provide them with independence and you with a small rental income!


Another option is to convert the basement into a new master bedroom. This can be a luxury affair which will leave your old bedroom available for the children.  You can even add a walk in closet as well as your en-suite facility.  Once you have created this masterpiece you will feel like you are in another world every time you enter.  It will be the ultimate escape and ensure you are grateful you decided to complete the basement renovation!


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