An individual’s oral health is like a window to the overall condition of the body. This is because, the overall health condition of an individual is closely connected to the health of their mouth. Many systemic diseases are diagnosed by considering the condition of mouth.

It is this close connection of mouth with the overall health that requires individuals to take good care of oral hygiene. Going through regular oral care treatments helps in maintaining health and avoiding cardiovascular diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and many other chronic diseases.

The blog presents a list of diseases that are closely related to the oral health of the individuals.

  1. Diabetes

People having diabetes should maintain a good oral health in order to control this problem. Patients of diabetes often face gum problems. Also, the chances of tooth decay can increases with a reduction in the flow of saliva. In order to prevent such problems, people facing diabetes should follow all the dental care methods and a regular oral care routine.

  1. Heart Problems

Oral health is said to be very closely related to cardiovascular problems. Bad oral health can severely affect the heart conditions. Poor oral health can increase the chances of plaque build up inside the arteries, such a condition leads to the risk of myocardial infractions. People having heart problems should take oral health very seriously. Before the oral infection spreads in the mouth and increases heart related problems, individuals should undertake adequate procedures as recommended by experts.

  1. Organ Transplantation

As organ transplant patients need to rely on heavy medicines immensely, there are chances that their body defence system do not function properly. Experts suggest that patients going through organ transplantation should ensure a good health of their mouth both before and after the transplantation process. The dental infections can be fatal in a case where body’s defence system is slow.

  1. Rheumatoid arthritis

As arthritis treatment also requires heavy intake of Immunosuppressant medications, the patients having arthritis also suffer from slow flow of saliva. Dry mouth makes their teeth even more prone to decay and infections. Taking adequate care of the cleanliness of teeth and oral care can help in preventing oral infection to be spread out to the mouth.

There are many more health conditions that can get worse if proper oral care routine is not followed. In situations like pregnancy, oral hygiene becomes a very important part for both the mother and child.

Since oral diseases can be infectious, one should be very active about its treatment. Getting to know about such problems in the first stage allows a simple and more effective treatment. Regular visits to the dental care clinics and following the experts recommendation can help in reducing the chances of having chronic diseases.

With the advancement of science and technology, there are various treatments available to treat any kind of oral issue. These procedure are less time consuming and are much more effective in getting a good oral health.

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