You have heard all of the commercials about protecting your garments with some sort of coating spray. When you buy leather products the salesman tries to warn you that you need to coat the leather with a spray to protect it from the elements. Waterproofing sprays have been around for a long time and many just do not do the job they advertise

Now you can get a waterproofing spray to protect your car seats and this may be a great plus if you have kids, pets or you eat a lot in your car as you drive. A good waterproof fabric spray can protect your seats from stains and spills taking the worry of repair or replacement from your mind.


The pro for this kind of spray is that it will provide some sort of protection for the seats in your car and help them last a long time. The con would be is there a stain it can’t handle? In other words while the spray may work on small spills or little moisture what about those big spills that come from tipping your extra-large drink as you spin your steering wheel?

Most waterproofing sprays can handle the big and tough jobs so you do not need to worry about the size of mess that lands on your seat. Clean up is easy and not a big time consuming chore. That is if you apply the spray to a clean surface free from any contaminants. Application is a very important factor in waterproofing your car seats. You have to make sure you do a thorough job in cleaning those seats so that the spray will be able to spare you that chore in the future.

Then you need to let the spray dry in order for it to protect completely. Do not let anyone sit on the seats until the spray has dried thoroughly. The benefits of the spray will make your car life easier and help you relax as you know your car is protected with the right spray.


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