Anavar is considered to be one of the mildest steroids available in the market. Even if you have any side effect, it will be very mild. However, if you are interested to get its positive results then you must know how to use this steroid in responsible manner. People mostly use this steroid for their muscle gain and shedding extra flab from their body.

What is Anavar?

Mostly medical practitioners prescribe Anavar to their patients when they report extensive loss of muscles. This may be as a result of long illness either due to cancer or AIDS. However, before prescribing this steroid doctors will also consider about other medications. Since, this steroid offers very mild side effect, it is one of the most preferred steroids for medical practitioners.

This steroid has the capability to get rid of various fatty tissues that are generally found around the stomach, upper legs and lower back portion. Thus, with the help of this steroid not only you can grow your muscle, but also shed away your unnecessary fat too. It is also Dihydrotestesterone (DHT) and therefore it works almost like testosterone in our body. This is a very important hormone, which is responsible for sex drive in men and creating male hair pattern on the face.

Useful for body builders

Anavar is a kind of male hormone which does not convert testosterone into estrogen. Therefore, there is very little chance to develop cholesterol problem or weakening of immune system.

Body builders use Anavar during cutting cycle as it does not help in weight gain for men. However, women may find some Anavar gain and hence they can try it during bulking cycle.

Anavar may give ripple effect in our liver and hence one should avoid taking alcohol when you are taking Anavar. Once the effect reaches the blood stream then it remains for about 9 hours. Therefore, you need to take it more than once, so that your body’s blood level remains stabilized for the whole day. However, women body builders must take single dose.

Side effects of Anavar

If you are sensitive to steroids then you must take it with little caution. Though Anavar is a very mild steroid both men and women do not report an adverse effect about this steroid. However, if any side effect is ever observed then you may stop taking it and it will disappear.


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