The dishwasher washes dishes using very little water and electricity. It is important to put it on a power saving mode. Solar canada wants to ask you to start saving water and care more about the environment. If you are ready to do that then why waiting?

If you run a washing machine at 30 or 40 degrees, you will get a perfect score. The lower temperature means less energy consumption. You can also reduce water consumption by running the washing machine only when full.

Replace with new

The use of old washing machines you have may come expensive. Replacing them with modern equipment with higher energy-efficient class quickly pays for itself. Water consumption can be reduced by up to one third.

Reduce water in the toilet

We use about one-third of the total consumption of water in the toilet – much more than we need. There are two effective ways by which we can reduce consumption: using a stop button or two button. So, you can reduce by nearly half the consumption of water from the toilet.

Use aerator

It is very affordable and it can accomplish so much. The amount spent on aerator returns in two months.

Shower instead of a bath

The hot tub can be great because it provides relaxing. On the other hand, it needs a huge amount of hot water – almost twice as much compared to shower. You can have your bath installed in the bathroom, but have a shower too and use it more often.

Fix the water problems you have in your home

As absurd as it sounds, there are still taps that are actually dripping which can be very annoying. This leads not only to frustration, but also to overspending between 1000 and 2000 liters of water a year. Fix your taps and reduce your bills for water.

Be Water wise

The Council is intended for anyone who has a house and garden. Gardening is nice, but it takes a lot of water. Your plants do not require drinking water, rainwater does the same job. Furthermore, during the summer watering in the evening, otherwise the water evaporates and is lost as a drop in the ocean.

For every product, we buy water is used for production. All the products you use, require using water. The good thing about saving water is paying smaller bills, but the other benefit is that you will actually contribute to saving the planet. There are people around the world who do not have clean water to drink and it makes it really hard for them to survive under such conditions. We should be grateful for that things that we have and try to protect them. If you can save more water than do it. If you can think of other ways that can help you with that, consider testing them and trying how they work. The important thing is to be energy wise and to make this world a better place.

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