In the modern era, you should take full advantage of the progressive technology. With the help of a cell phone tracking software, you can monitor your workplace. Many employees have a habit of shirking their duties and misusing the office telephone when no one is looking. With the help of a free mobile phone spy, you can secretly monitor the employees at your workplace.The latest version of the software is equipped with a whole range of useful features that can help you to keep a track on five devices or tablets at a time.

How Can It Help in Monitoring the Activities of Office Employees?

The Hoverwatch cell spy is not a spyware but a monitoring tool. This invisible phone tracker can help you to watch over the activities of your employees and help you in the following ways.

  • Multiple Device Monitoring: Only a single account enables you to monitor up to five tablets and phones. It becomes easy for you to watch over the activities of your employees in a small organization.
  • Location Detector: The app helps you to track the location of all the mobiles installed with the cell spy app. You need not bother about the battery draining as well because the energy efficient algorithm of the app safeguards against this problem as well.
  • Call Recording: The cell spy app helps in recording all the conversations and keeps an extensive log in the device which can enable you to see the user’s name and call duration.

Employee ActivitiesThat This Free Cell Phone Spy App Can Monitor

Watching over the activities of the employees at the workplace can be a very challenging task butwith the help of cell phone spy apps like this, the task becomes a breeze. With the help of this app you can monitor your employees for the following activities, such as:

  • You can keep a watch on your employees to ensure that they are working sincerely and not wasting any time aimlessly loitering around the office or gossiping.
  • As the app helps in monitoring the exact location of all employees in a workplace, you can keep a track of how much time the office employees are spending on their lunch breaks.
  • With the help of the call recording feature, you can check whether any of your employees are using the corporate phone for their personal use or giving out confidential information of your office.

How to Use it?

It is simple and convenient to use this app. All you need to do is sign up to the online free account and enter your email i.e. and password. Download it to your cell phone from the online account. Go through the instructions and you are all set to use it. Go through for more information.

Hoverwatch is available with the latest software updates and easy-to-operate, leading-edge features. This is handy software which can be of immense benefit for tracking your office employees and cutting down on unnecessary expenditures considerably.

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