Blogging can never be taught from scratch to anyone; it comes instinctively to someone, and then it can turn either way; your blog can succeed & reach new summits, or your blog will fail just after its first take-off. But time & patience will come handy if you don’t want to give up. Initially, it will seem as thumb twiddling job to many, but there are so many things that need consideration. And rest of the things, you will learn about the process as the time goes by. Now if you are looking to transform your ordinary blog into an excellent blog, you must consider few things before starting out.

After you have established an online blog and people have started coming to your blog then first you have to determine what you want them to do! Once you have decided then act on it immediately, engaging your visitors.

  1. Update the design of your blog to latest features. For example, choose a good blog theme. You can choose WordPress Free Themes but they will not include the latest features such as speed optimization, schema standards etc.

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Come to a point where you are clearly focused on the niche you will be writing about & who is your target audience. Do a lot of research and read all the related information. They say, “half information is more dangerous than no information.” So keep yourself updated with all the recent trends in your field. Doing this will also help you to come up with unique content, one which could not be found other than your blog.

Keep an engaging approach throughout your writing, your designs, posts & make it more audience oriented. Include related graphs, pictures, videos, podcast, etc. to make it more lively & fun to go through. If you don’t want to create one by yourself, then you can even take the aid of some sites which offer free stock images.

Prepare a business module for your blog. Make it more professional to make the impression lasts longer on the visitors. Make it mobile friendly and format it accordingly. Novels & online posts do not go alike; we need more formatting & technicalities with an online post. Otherwise, your blog will be limited to a particular audience & that will not help you further in attracting more visitors. Even you can add few of the WordPress plugins to add functionalities to your blog helping you in making your blog more prominent on the web. Furthermore, learn some basic SEO trends to be more open to the idea of more searchable.

Interact with you visitors using different social platforms like FB, Twitter, etc. & build your online reputation. But don’t fall into the trap of getting more likes & shares, instead focus more on building your brand. Try & promote your blog as a brand, inviting your followers to read your best content, even of others for that matter. Present yourself in the best light & eventually the likes & share will increase.

Lastly, be more approachable to your readers and maintain a healthy relationship. Ask for suggestions, feedbacks, and requests on some topics, etc. and try & respond them as soon as you can. You will surely build a loyal readers base out of those visitors. Moreover, engage them with the activities on your social media presence and be more actively engaged & interesting to lighten things up.

Do try these tips & implement them, you will notice the difference soon after. But no matter what, no one has been able to be prefect; these were our secret ingredients of a successful blog, do let us know what are yours!


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