College is an expensive, intense four years for anyone who embarks upon the journey. The amount of money and effort put into that period of your life makes it necessary to get absolutely everything you can out of the experience. There are many ways to make sure you’re getting the most out of your college years, and we’ve cobbled together a few easy ones to start you on the right path.

Study Something You Like

It can be very tempting to pick a major you don’t like if what you do like seems as though it won’t net you a very high-paying job or is something your parents don’t care for. Unfortunately, human beings tend to be better at things they’re personally interested in, so if you’re just studying something for the money or the approval of others, you might be setting yourself up for a very hard road. While it’s difficult to know what your passion is or what you want to do when you’re just out of high school, odds are you have an idea of what you’re good at and what sparks your interest. That’s where you should start when looking at prospective courses of study, and then think about what jobs in those fields could make your parents proud and/or land you on easy street.

Leave Home

College is one of the best ways to explore a new part of the country and meet new people. Odds are your rent and meals are probably included in your tuition, so you’ll have the luxury of living someplace new without having to learn how to survive there right away. Going to college far from home is a great way to get a taste of independence without being totally on your own. Plus, it can help you figure out how important it is to you to be close to home in general. If you’re lucky enough to go to school at a place like the University of Southern California, you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of living in a major city while avoiding some of the expense.

Join Clubs

Another way you can go about making the most of your time in college is to join some extracurricular activities. Not only will this help you make friends, activities beyond academics will give you a taste of social life that doesn’t revolve around partying. Also, depending on which activities you choose, you could end up doing things that’ll compliment your studies. If you’re majoring in social work, taking part in an Amnesty International chapter or a similar type service club will offer a practical application of your schoolwork.

Hit Up That Alumni Association

Once you graduate, we’re guessing you’ll probably want to find a job. Your school’s alumni association can offer you handy networking opportunities both in your school’s town and probably outside of it should you move away. If you’re planning on participating in a graduate program like those offered at ACU, you’ll most likely be able to find people who can speak to post-graduate studies in your field. Whatever your particular need, your alumni association is something that will keep your degree working for you long after you’ve left school.


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