Receiving a bouquet of fresh flowers during special occasion is a beautiful way to remember the event. One way to maintain its value involves helping it last longer. While using a preservative is ideal, there are other ingredients readily available that you can use. Also, there are specific techniques to keep the bouquet fresh. Consider the following tips to help prolong the life of fresh flowers in your home.

Trimming Stems

One of the essential tips you need to know involves trimming stems. The approach focuses on cutting each stem according to a specific angle. The method allows better water absorption. In trimming, you should strive to create a 45-degree angle. Similarly, florists Fairfax VA would suggest removing other parts of the stem such as small leaves and thorns.

Study Different Flower Types

Another tip focuses on studying how different types of flowers thrive. While they may look good when you receive it, some flowers require specific care compared to others. For instance, you should not mix daffodils with other flowers because it secretes a substance that can kill other blooms. Another example is that Tulips will continue to grow towards the light source. Moreover, roses have guard petals which you can remove to help the flower open up. Having a good knowledge of these features can help you lengthen the freshness of your flowers.

Water and Storage

The type of water and storage are also critical to help maintain the flowers fresh. In choosing water, make sure to use filtered water as it helps in nourishing the flowers. As for storage, any vase is a viable option. If you want to prolong freshness, you can always sterilize the object. The purpose is to prevent bacteria growth. Also, make sure to replace the water and clean the vase once every two or three days.

Use Preservatives

Many expert florists Fairfax VA use different preservatives to prolong the life of fresh flowers. You can also apply the same techniques using specific ingredients available at home. Some people add pennies to the flower vase. The copper component helps the water become acidic and keep the flower fresh. Others use the combination of apple cider vinegar and sugar. The vinegar helps reduce the development of bacteria while sugar provides nutrients to the flower. Other preservatives that you can use are aspirin, Sprite, Vodka, and Bleach.

Expose to Cold Temperature

Finally, you can also improve the lifespan of fresh flowers by exposing it to cold temperature. It is a beneficial technique that helps slow the aging process. The strategy involves placing the bouquet of flowers inside the fridge at night for eight hours. You can see the evidence as flowers can look healthy for up to two weeks with adequate care and maintenance.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the suggestions above help you keep flowers look fresh and last longer. Becoming familiar with maintenance methods as well as the type of flower can help you prolong the aging process. More importantly, it gives the impression of effort and commitment to value the plant for its beauty and lifespan.

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