The cost of living is increasing every year and most of us a are feeling the crunch following a global recession. Times are tight and many of us are looking for ways to save cash where possible, but how many of us are also looking for new ways to bring in extra cash? Even if you’re already working a full time job, there are many ways to create additional income streams that don’t require a huge investment of funds or that take up the time of another full time job.

Become not-so famous

Try signing up to a casting service or agency, it’s a quick and easy process and they will keep you on file should anything come up. Most of the time production companies need extras or simple movements or lines so you don’t particularly need to know how to act or have any acting talent. There are tons of opportunities in major cities, like promo models Melbourne or film extras in Sydney. Most times the casting process only takes an hour or two and are in the central business district, so if you work in the city, you can easily get there during your lunch break.  The rates for a day’s shoot are generally quite good and in most instances shoots are fully catered for as long as you’re required on set.

Clear out your closet

According to organisation experts we should be cleaning out our wardrobes, cupboards and attics every six months. When we tackle these tasks, we should look at each item and ask ourselves the following questions: Does this item have a clear function and have I used it in the last six months? Next asked yourself, does this item bring me joy? If the answer to both these questions is no, then the item should in the donate, throw away or sell pile. Thankfully, these days there are many ways to sell your secondhand or unwanted goods.  More people are also inclined to purchase pre-loved good as there is less negative impact on the environment than buying it new from the store. Many sites like Gumtree specialise in facilitating online trading of secondhand goods. You could also take to social media to advertise your goods to your followers, or join one of the many community trading and swapping groups on Facebook. Not only is this a great way to meet people in your community, but trading relatively safe as most transactions are handled in cash.

Freebie cards and rewards points

Sign up for as many loyalty or rewards cards as you can with your bak, local grocers and other stores you frequent. If you’re going to shopping there anyway and using your bank cards, you will be collecting points on a regular basis without any effort on your part. You’ll be amazed how quickly the points tally up and in a year you could easily rack up enough cash in rewards points to pay for a month’s groceries, a tank of gas or a little treat for yourself. .

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