Roof racks offer you and your vehicle a wider horizon in terms of cargo. Some car owners shy away from the idea of installing a roof rack because they fear that it’s a permanent fixture. With proper care, however, a roof rack can easily be installed and removed without causing damage to the paint of your vehicle.

Starting with a clean slate

What you want to do is to make sure that your Rhino roof racks do not encourage paint discoloration or rusting in your mounts. First, get your vehicle cleaned by a professional. The cleaner it is (especially in the roof area), the lesser the likelihood of discoloration. Waxing also helps you minimize the possibility of dust building up in areas where you will be mounting your roof rack. Of course, you will still remove your roof rack when you no longer need it, but most vehicle owners keep them there for a long period of time just because it is more practical that way. Mounting your rack on an impeccably clean surface makes sure you don’t encourage any corrosion or discoloration from happening.

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Use vinyl tapes

Some kits might include vinyl tapes but most do not. Always have one on hand. Rhino roof racks are one of the best ones in the market because they fit well on common car brands. However, there are still millimeter-sized discrepancies which could cause hairline scratches unless you are taking care of your surface well. The vinyl tapes really does the work well. Cut a portion that is bigger than the spot where you are mounting your roof rack and adhere it well. Make sure your cuts are even and that there are no folds or air bubbles. The tape will help you keep your paint intact just in case the fit is a tad off.

Read the instructions well

Some vehicle owners complain about scratches or dents in their vehicles because they did the installation themselves. This can easily be avoided if you read the manual several times and prepared all your materials before mounting. The best Rhino roof racks can be installed by non-professionals, which is why, unless you are extremely bad at manual work, you should be able to do this at the comfort of your own home.

Have a professional inspect it

Having a professional inspect your installation is a lot less expensive than having them do the work. The inspection is necessary, however, because you don’t want to load up your rack without making sure you’ve installed all the screws properly. You will still pay them for the diagnosis so this should not be a problem. In the off chance that they do ask why you didn’t just have it installed, just tell them you were out of town when you needed the rack, and that you just did not trust the people who installed it on your car.

Clean the area regularly

Meticulous cleaning around the roof rack area can help you keep it looking presentable months after installation. It can keep out molds and dust from building up, and rusting from happening. If you want a truly weather-proof roof rack that can last you for years, choose Rhino roof racks. The 4WD Heavy Duty ones are very impressive.

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