Ensuring maximum concentration in the workplace is the key to improving worker productivity and meeting deadlines. That productivity can either make or break the growth of your small business.  It requires a lot of focus and determination to improve your concentration in workplace. The simple things that you do at the office desk either keeps you off productivity or ensures you stay at par with achieving the work quality. Whether you are working at home or at a supervised work environment, the following desk hacks can help you improve your work concentration and achieve maximum production.

Keep off your mobile phone

The number one distraction to work is the mobile phone. Notably, most of us spend much of their time on the phone. It is advisable to keep the phone away from your direct line of sight to avoid the unnecessary distractions from phone notifications. When the phone is closer to your sight, you can get tempted to check your emails, visit the social media apps, or even use the apps on your phone. Consider putting your phone on silent or vibrate mode to avoid all the distractions that come with the phone being glued to your sight.

Only browse during break time

Do not let personal browsing take your work time. We all have many issues going on during the work time, especially on the social platforms. Private browsing should be limited to personal time and not office hours. You can segment your browsing to different times to give your mind some relief and avoid the monotony of working on a single task for long. Usually, I browse my favorite sports website during my short breaks at the end of every task then get back to work, after five minutes. However, this requires punctuality.

Check your diet

To stay focused during the day, you must check on what you eat. Most people work eight hours a day. For a newbie, concentrating for eight hours time may be such a difficult task. Having some snacks at the office can help you relieve yourself then get back to work. Eat well and drink a lot of water. Having snacks such as fruits, chocolates, and biscuits beside your deck can help you regain your concentration as it provides you with the required energy to execute all your tasks.

Have a good night sleep

Good night sleep is a key to improving your daily concentration level. Ensure you have enough sleep at night. People respond differently to lack of enough sleep. Some do not concentrate at all during the day, while others feel like they cannot move an inch. Having more than six hours of night sleep is necessary to avoid slouching around the office, and work to your full potential.

The amount of time one dedicates for sleep is not that crucial, as long as one wakes up relieved and fresh to commit to the task ahead. Our requirement for the number of sleep hours may vary from person to person. It is crucial that we maintain good health, enough sleep to improve our work productivity.

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