Verbal, physical, sexual violence and Internet bullying is very common among children regardless of whether it takes place in the school or outside of it. The real question here is how parents should react if they suspect that their child is a victim of violence? Here at niroomand divorce expertswe can help you with all the problems your family is facing.

First of all, you need to be able to recognize if your child is being a victim of violence or not. There are ways that can help you find that out, simply by observing your child. It should be noted that there are many forms of violence but the most common one is the physical violence. This type of violence exists many years and it is important for parents to notice is their child is have some problem at school or outside of it.

Physical violence means kicking, pinching, pushing, plundering and destroying things of the victim. The reason for that is to show dominance and authority. The victim will be sad, isolated, will not want to socialize with people…

Communication is one of the ways of prevention. That is why it is important to have a conversation with your child every day when they get home from school. Ask them how their day was and since children are not good at lying, you will find out if there is something wrong.

Additionally, physical violence is often connected to verbal violence that includes insulting the victim, calling them names and threatening them. When a parent notices that their child is behaving strangely, doesn’t want to eat, socialize and feels sad all the time, the parent must do something immediately. All of this can have a very bad impact on the mental health of the child. As a parent, you must go to the school and talk to the principal and the teacher.

How to recognize if your child is being bullied?

Victims of bullying can generally be identified by some of the characteristics mentioned above. They are mostly sad with low self-esteem. They feel weak, helpless and are scared of everyone and everything around them.

A child who is a victim of bullying can be identified by their behavior and mood. All you need to do is carefully observe the behavior of your child. They don’t need to tell you anything. You will notice it immediately. Irritability, poor appetite, poor sleep, nightmares and bedwetting may be indicators of emotional changes. Apart from these, anxiety, panic attacks and depression can also be indicators of affective problems. While in behavior, you can also detect changes on their body such as bruises or twitching in strong sudden sounds.

How can parents help the child who suffers violence?

One of the best ways to stop the violence is to find and identify the child who is bullying your kid. Once you find them, talk to them making sure you report them to the police and the school. You should not give up, but have that child expelled from school.