Having eye bags and droopy eyelids is not easy, and it can have a big effect on your sense of self-worth. There are some natural ways to fix your eye bags, but fixing your upper eyelid can only be done with surgery. Fast and advanced upper eyelid surgery by Dr Naveen Somia produces great results, and a lot of people have put their trust into Somia’s experienced hands. If you have a droopy eyelid, don’t wait. Call your doctor, get his opinion, and get the procedure done.


How to remove your eye bags?

Having puffy eyes is not easy. Your self-esteem and your confidence suffer when you’re not feeling that great because of having puffy eyes. So, why do we get puffy eyes? There are a couple of reasons:

– Excessive crying

– Bad diet

– Genetics

– Sleep deprivation

– Hormonal changes

Fortunately, getting rid of puffy eyes is super easy, and you can do that at home. Here’s what you’ll need:

– Cucumber

– Potato

– Cold spoons

– Tea bags

– Salted water

Cucumbers and potatoes are great for fighting inflammation, and they help tighten the skin. Put them on your eyes for a couple of minutes, and your eyes will instantly become less puffy.

Cold spoons are also amazing for reducing swelling around your eyes. The spoons must be really cold, so you should put them in the freezer for 5 minutes before you put them on your eyes. Cold spoons will tighten your skin.

Tea bags are great for relaxing the muscles and capillaries around your eyes. Use green tea or black tea to get the best results.

Salted water should be used when you really don’t have anything else in your home. Put a couple of drops on your eyelids and rest until salted water evaporates. Just make sure not to get some water into your eyes!

What about droopy eyelids?


Droopy eyelids are a different kind of animal. They cannot be removed with natural remedies, and they present a danger to the health of your eyes. If your eyelid is very droopy, it can cause problems with your vision. Fortunately, getting rid of droopy eyelids is easy, if you pick the right surgeon.

Droopy eyelids surgery is a standard procedure, and it can be done in an hour if the surgeon you chose is experienced. The only downside of this procedure is the recovery process. It’s long, but it is not painful. Your stitches will be removed after just one day, but you’ll need to rest your eyes for a week or two.

How to choose the perfect surgeon?

If your doctor can’t recommend you a surgeon, you need to find one yourself. Ask the surgeons you that seem trustworthy to you to show you pictures of their former patients. That way you’ll get to see how good they are at fixing droopy eyelids.


While you can treat your eyes by yourself, it’s better to let the professionals take care of you. Treating eye bag in Bondi Junction by Dr Naveen Somia has proven to be successful, and he will even take care of your droopy eyelids. Do your research, find out everything before you get the procedure done, but ultimately let your doctor tell you what’s the best way for treating your eyes.

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